SATC(ish) Moment

If you’re a young adult, then you probably grew up watching Sex and the City. (Don’t worry; if you didn’t, we can still be friends. I guess.) My parents were already seasons in before I discovered it, but once I finally gave it a shot, I was immediately hooked. Before taking personality quizzes, I’d instinctively known I was “a Carrie.” (I bought a T-shirt just to let people know.) Carrie Bradshaw—writer, hopeless romantic, and realist with a slight shoe addiction. After watching her story with Big unfold in the series, would I watch the film? Abso-fucking-lutely.

Without spoiling any of the drama, just know that one of my favorite buildings in America is featured in the movie. The New York Public Library is where Carrie and Big decide to tie the knot! It’s romantic and speaks to every book-loving fiber of my being. So naturally I was a little bit blushy and giddy when life happened—and I found myself relying on that gorgeous house of books for the most nuanced research project of my academic career. I can’t help but muster up a bit of Carrie Confidence whenever I return to Manhattan, no matter the reason. Now, if only I can land myself a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels….