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Aly Zigada is an American novelist best known for riveting contemporary romance and New Adult fiction including the acclaimed Perversion Records series. Praise for her writing describes it as gritty and phenomenal. A former bookseller, New York City scholar, and corporate jack-of-all-trades, she belongs to a rustic town but is guided by a broken compass. She loves character psychology, likes plotting, and loathes motherf*cking typos.


Aly Zigada is a violent sleeper who tosses, turns, and throws things all through the night. In her dreams she’s Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat. She is obsessed with coffee mugs, nail varnish, and hot spots along the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts. She thinks ex-boyfriend jeans were invented for girls like her. Vindictiveness is her purest flaw. Wild laughter and faith in God are the best medicine. She loves church choir, likes trinkets, and loathes insincerity.